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Barum Tyres: Manufactured in Europe

A global brand, Barum prides itself on developing tyres that deliver on high mileage in combination with balanced performance.  The affordability of Barum is a result of extremely efficient high-tech production processes within Europe’s most modern tyre factories.

In the UK, Viking Wholesale Tyres are the exclusive distributor of Barum Tyres – a partnership that’s been in place since 2001.

Barum’s history:

1924: Manufacture of Wellington boots in Czechoslovakia under the name Bata

1934: Start of tyre production for the company’s own fleet of vehicles, because of the high cost of importing tyres

1945: Bata, Rubena and Mitas, the three leading Czech tyre manufacturers, merge to form the BARUM company

1967: The first radial tyres are produced in Zlín

1972: Production starts at the new tyre plant in Otrokovice

1992: Barum Otrokovice and Continental AG agree on a joint venture that results in the establishment of Barum Continental s.r.o.

1997: Barum tyres are actively sold throughout Western Europe

2001: Viking Wholesale Tyres become the exclusive distributor of Barum Tyres in the UK

2009: Barum tyres are now sold in Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Americas and APAC, earning the status of a global brand