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Brillantis 2

Brilliantis 2Makes driving and saving fun

The Brillantis 2 provides the perfect combination of economy and long service life.
Balanced driving characteristics and a precise steering response make this tire a good all-round solution.

Flat contour, good ground pressure distribution.
• High mileage performance forprolonged driving fun.
• Pleasantly low rolling noise.

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Technical details:

  • Flat contour, good ground pressure distribution
  • High mileage performance for prolonged driving fun
  • Pleasantly low rolling noise

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern with solid outer shoulder
  • Substantial lateral stiffness in the outer shoulder lugs
  • Greater safety during critical steering manoeuvres

  • Continuous lateral grooves on the inner side, narrow sipes in the lugs
  • Unimpeded water flow, increased aquaplaning safety
  • Short braking distances on wet roads

Size range:

EU tyre label information

Tyre size

Tyre size Fuel efficiency Wet grip Noise levels
145/70R13 71T F C 70
145/80R13 75T E C 70
155/65R13 73T E C 70
155/65R14 75T E C 70
155/70R13 75T E C 70
155/80R13 79T E C 70
165/60R14 75H E C 70
165/60R14 75T E C 70
165/65R13 77T E C 70
165/65R14 79T E C 70
165/65R15 81T E C 70
165/70R13 79T E C 70
165/70R13 83T XL E C 71
165/70R14 81T E C 70
165/70R14 85T XL E C 71
165/80R13 83T E C 70
175/60R14 79H F C 70
175/60R15 81H F C 70
175/65R13 80T E C 70
175/65R14 82H E C 70
175/65R14 82T E C 70
175/65R14 86T XL E C 71
175/65R15 84H E C 70
175/65R15 84T E C 70
175/70R13 82H E C 70
175/70R13 82T E C 70
175/70R14 84T E C 70
175/70R14 88T XL E C 71
175/80R14 88H E C 70
175/80R14 88T E C 70
185/60R13 80H F C 70
185/60R14 82H E C 70
185/60R14 82T E C 70
185/60R15 84H E C 70
185/60R15 88H XL E C 71
185/65R14 86H E C 70
185/65R14 86T E C 70
185/65R15 88H E C 70
185/65R15 88T E C 70
185/65R15 92T XL E C 71
185/70R14 88H E C 70
185/70R14 88T E C 70
195/60R14 86H E C 71
195/65R14 89H E C 71
195/65R15 91H E C 71
195/65R15 91T E C 71
195/65R15 91V E C 71
195/65R15 95T XL E C 72
195/70R14 91T E C 71

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